Agent Assist Recommendations

Lists the recommendations shown to agents on the Agent Assist application and how agents interacted with them. For additional details regarding recommendations, please visit this article.

On the "Agent Assist Recommendations" report, you can find the following filters:

  • "Agent Name".
  • "Recommendations Interval date".
  • "Recommendations Source".
  • "Recommendations Title".
  • "Recommendations Type".

The following fields are available in this report and for extraction:

Agent NameName of the agent.String
Interval DateDate when the recommendation was delivered to the agent.Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
SourceSource knowledge base of the recommendation. KM relates to Talkdesk Knowledge Management.String
TypeType of recommendation. Possible values:

- KM (Knowledge Management Card).
- Quick answer (Knowledge Management Card triggered by intent).
- NLQA (Answer produced by Question Answer algorithm).
IntentIntent that triggered the recommendation (applies to Quickanswer type).String
TitleTitle of the article or card that was recommended. In the case of NLQA type, since the engine extracts a portion of the original article, the value in this column corresponds to the question identified by the recommendations engine.String
DeliveredNumber of times that the recommendation was produced, for that agent, on that date. This value can be 0 if a given recommendation was produced but the agent did not see it because the Agent Assist application was closed.Number
Percentage of clickedPercentage of recommendations that were clicked on/opened by the agent over delivered recommendations.Number
Percentage of negative feedbackPercentage of recommendations that received negative feedback over delivered recommendations.Number
Percentage of positive feedbackPercentage of recommendations that received positive feedback over delivered recommendationsNumber