QM Evaluation Analysis Report

The QM default report is a subset of the data fields collected during an evaluation. These will allow the user to create the reports needed by extracting the data using the API, even without access to the “Create” report feature.

These are the available filters in the QM Evaluation Analysis default report:

  • Date
  • Agent Name
  • Evaluator Name
  • Form Name
  • Ring Group Names
  • Team Name

The following fields are available in this report and for extraction:

Field NameExample/formatNotes
AgentTom Agent ([email protected]) [349485789f228e60070f9d28]
Agent ID349485789f228e60070f9d28Unique agent ID.
Agent NameTom Agent
Agent Email[email protected]
Team Name
Evaluator ID8475gh29j48afe45634a522fUnique evaluator ID.
Evaluation VersionNumericThis number indicates the version of the evaluation. Zero means it’s the original version, and never edited before.
Evaluator NameUser that performed the evaluation.
Ring Group NamesList of the ring group or queue names the interaction belongs to.
Evaluation IDe928dhj57-2e5c-43a1-ab01-ccjasdh8ef4f0aUnique evaluation ID.
Evaluation Obtained ScoreNumericAchieved score.
Evaluation Max ScoreNumericMaximum score possible for this evaluation.
Form ID93uejd8345h62854f801762e192416000aUnique ID of the form used for the evaluation.
Form NameAI Form 3.0
Section ID8af2b55d8027456e018046a1a57f49ddUnique section ID. It can be “null” when the section is the “Header”.
Section NameName/title given to the section.
Section Obtained ScoreAchieved score for the section.
Section Max ScoreMaximum possible score for the section.
Question ID8af2b55d8027456e018046a1a57f49d8Unique question ID.
Question Type- “MultipleChoiceQuestion”
- “TextQuestion”
- “DropdownSingleChoice”
- “CheckBoxQuestion”
One of the types of questions available on the form builder.
Question TextText of the question. This is the text written when creating the form.
Question AnswerThe text of the answer given to the question.
Question Obtained ScoreScore that was obtained in the evaluation of the question.
Question Max ScoreMaximum score possible for the question.
Evaluation Time2021-09-13 9:32:31Date/Time when the evaluation was performed/edited last.
First Evaluated on2021-09-13 9:32:31Date and time when the first version of the evaluation occurred. It can be “null” if there is only one version of the evaluation.
Interaction ID61538ffff53e4c001bab3778Unique interaction ID. This is the interaction being evaluated.
Interaction ReferenceURL, TextReference added to ad-hoc evaluations. Can be “null” if the field was left empty or the evaluation was initiated from an interaction.
Header ID2d0ef6fb-fdc3-4838-a2ff-23240eb9b353Unique identifier for a header section.
Header Text“Additional call information”Text input added as identification of the header (the “Header” title).
Branch toWhen an answer has a branching option configured, the destination of the branching will be identified here.



For further information regarding these fields, please check this link.