Performance Management Results Analysis Report

The Performance Management Results Analysis Report is a broad set of performance results data collected when generating results. These detailed data allow the user to create the reports needed by extracting the data using the API, even without access to the “Create” report feature.

These are the available filters in the PM Evaluation Analysis default report:

  • Date
  • Agent Name
  • Queue Names
  • Team Name
  • Interval Type
  • Measure Name

The following fields are available in this report and for extraction:

Field NameExample/formatNotes
AgentTom Agent ([email protected]) [349485789f228e60070f9d28]Concatenated value consisting of the Agent “Name”, “Agent Email” and “Agent ID”.
Agent ID349485789f228e60070f9d28Unique Talkdesk Agent ID.
Agent Email[email protected]Unique Agent Email Address.
Agent NameTom AgentAgent Name.
Measure NameAVG HOLD TIMEPerformance Measure/KPI Name.
Team IDe8aa8dc525f94ab199912c6b52cb557cUnique Team ID. It can be null.
Team NameAces, Allies, Experts, etc.Unique Team Name. It can be null.
Queue TypeSingle, All.The hierarchical nature of the Ring Group: “Single” or “Aggregate”.
Queue NameCustomer SVC, Sales, etc.Unique Ring Group Name. Will be null for the Queue Type “All”.
VolumeNumberA whole number count of the unique data points considered for the Result Value.
Result ValueNumericThe Result Value for the Measure.
Goal ValueNumericThe goal in place during the reporting period.
Mean ValueNumericThe simple arithmetic mean of the result values for the selection.
Interval TypeDaily, Weekly, MonthlyThe level at which results are aggregated.
Leaderboard Date2022-06-22The data collection date that was processed for the leaderboard. Weekly and Monthly align to the start day of the week /month.