QM Evaluation Analysis

This dataset is available for accounts that have Quality Management (QM) enabled.

By clicking on the Create button in Talkdesk Explore™ reporting tool, users can access the complete dataset as described below, where every field can also be turned into a pivot or a filter.

Desired FieldExample/FormatTypeNotes
AgentIncludes the “Name”, “e-mail”, and the agent’s ID. < E,g: Name Surname (name.surname[email protected])[60643r3de2aef33b6e396105] >Text (string)
Agent Email[email protected]Text (string)
Agent ID349485789f228e60070f9d28Text (string)Unique agent ID.
Agent NameAgent name.Text (string)
Branch ToWhen an answer has a branching option configured, the destination of the branching will be identified here.
Evaluation Date/Time2021-09-13 9:32:31TimeDate when the evaluation was submitted.
Evaluation Element TextThe content of the free text answer type.Text (string)Same information as the “Question-answer”, but only for the “Text question” type of question.
Evaluation IDe928dhj57-2e5c-43a1-ab01-ccjasdh8ef4f0aText (string)Unique evaluation ID.
Evaluation Max Score100NumberMaximum score possible for this evaluation.
Evaluation Obtained Score80NumberScore obtained by the agent.
Evaluation Version2NumberThis number will indicate the version of the evaluation. “0” means it’s the original version, and has never been edited before. A different number means this evaluation has been edited “X” number of times.
Evaluator ID8475gh29j48afe45634a522fText (string)Unique ID” of the evaluator that performed the evaluation (if the evaluation is performed by the AI, it will be "AI Scored Evaluation").
Evaluator NameText (string)Name of the evaluator that performed the evaluation (If performed by the AI, this field will be empty until it is edited by an evaluator, and then, their name will be registered here).
Form ID93uejd8345h62854f801762e192416000aText (string)Unique ID of the form used for the evaluation.
Form NameAI Demo Form 3.0Text (string)Name of the form used for the evaluation.
Interaction ID“Unique ID” of the interaction used for this evaluation. It can be “empty” if the evaluation was made outside the platform).Text (string)Unique ID for the interaction the evaluation is based on.
Interaction ReferenceURL, TextText (string)Reference added to ad-hoc evaluations. It can be “null” if the field was left empty or the evaluation is of an interaction.
Header ID2d0ef6fb-fdc3-4838-a2ff-23240eb9b353Text (string)Unique identifier for a header section.
Header Text“Additional call information”Text (string)Text input added as identification of the header (the “Header” title).
Option TextText (string)Text of the selected option to the answer.
Question AnswerText (string)Text of the selected answer to the question.
Question ID8af2b55d8027456e018046a1a57f49d8NumberUnique question ID.
Question Max Score30NumberMaximum possible score for the question.
Question Obtained Score20Text (string)Obtained score for the question.
Question TextText (string)Question text that is part of the form.
Question Type-“MultipleChoiceQuestion”-“TextQuestion”
Text (string)One of the types of questions available on the form builder.
Ring Group ID’s (Deprecated)Text (string)Text (string)This field is no longer being used.
Ring Group NamesText (string)List of the ring group or queue names the interaction belongs to.
Ring Group Names (Deprecated)Text (string)This field is no longer being used.
Section IDList of the ring group or queue names the interaction belongs to.Text (string)Unique form section ID.
Section NameText (string)Name/title given to the section.
Section Max Score50NumberMaximum possible section score.
Section Obtained Score45NumberAttained section score.
Team ID585f9ab2786e4511980b195a7fb9d7efText (string)Unique team ID. Can be “null” if the person doesn’t belong to any teams.
Team NameText (string)Name of the team the evaluated person belongs to. It can be “null”.
First Evaluated On2021-09-13 9:32:31TimeDate and time when the first version of the evaluation occurred. It can be “null” if there is only one version of the evaluation.


Below, you can find pre-made formulas that users can use in Explore. Some formulas apply to "Evaluation", some to "Sections" only, and others to "Questions".

“Evaluation” formulas

% Distinct Evaluation ScoreDistinct Evaluation Score (in %).Percent0.00%
AVG % Evaluation ScoreAverage Evaluation Score (in %).Percent0.00%
Count distinctDistinct SubmittedNumber0
Evaluation IDEvaluation Count.
Max % EvaluationHighest Evaluation Score (in %).Percent0.00%
Min % EvaluationLowest Evaluation Score (in %).Percent0.00%

“Section” formulas

Count Distinct Section IDDistinct Section Count.Number0
Max % SectionHighest Section Score (in %).Percent0.00%
Min % SectionLowest Section Score (in %).Percent0.00%
Question Score %Distinct Section Score (in %).Percent0.00%
Section AVG %Distinct Section Score (in %).Percent0.00%

“Question” formulas

Count Distinct Question IDDistinct Question Count.Number0
Max % QuestionHighest Question Score (in %).Percent0.00%
Min % QuestionLowest Question Score (in %).Percent0.00%
Question AVG %Average Question Score (in %).Percent0.00%
Question Score %Distinct Question Score (in %).Percent0.00%