Patient Omnichannel Interactions Report

The Patient Omnichannel Interactions report is only available for accounts that have Talkdesk Healthcare Experience Cloud for Providers™ enabled.

These are the available filters in the Patient Omnichannel Interactions report:

  • Date
  • Timezone
  • Agent Name
  • Contact
  • MRN
  • Patient ID
  • Patient Name
  • Interaction Type
  • Disposition Name
  • Groups
Metric NameDescriptionCalculationMetric TypePerspective
Date / TimeThe date and time of when the interaction started.No calculationDate time
Interaction IDThe unique identification of the interaction/ attempt.No calculationString
Patient ID (External Entity ID)Patient unique identification number.No calculationStringCaller
Patient Name (External Entity Name)Caller Name.No calculationStringCaller
MRN (Extra Field with key PATIENT_MRN)Patient Medical Record Number.No calculation
Note: JSON must be cast in that Extra Fields field to a Map\<String, String> and get it with the key PATIENT_MRN.
Contact IDThe ID that identifies the caller contact in Talkdesk.No calculationStringCaller
ContactThe contact used by the caller.No calculationStringCaller
Agent TypeThe type of agent that answered the interaction (can be User or Virtual Agent).No calculationStringAgent
Agent IDAgent unique identification number.No calculationStringAgent
Agent NameThe name of the agent who answered the interaction. The name of the last agent who answered the call is the one displayed.No calculationStringAgent
GroupsThis identifies the group that the agent belongs to:
- If the Interaction Type = voice: ring group.
- If the Interaction Type = digital: queue.
- If more groups come during the call, this field will have them split with a comma.
No calculationStringAgent
Interaction DirectionInteraction Direction (inbound and outbound).No calculationString
Interaction TypeThe type of interaction can be Voice or Digital: show the channel type (SMS, Chat, Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Digital Connect).No calculationString
Interaction StatusThe interaction status:
- Voice: missed, voicemail, abandoned, answered, and successful.
- Digital: started or finished.
Disposition NameThe call disposition added by the agent at the end of a call, if applicable.No calculationString
DurationThe total duration of the interaction/ attempt. The time spent in "After Call Work time" is not included.Calculated on Flink Job = Status_finished - status_startedNumber in seconds
Waiting TimeHow long the caller waited for their interaction to be answered or to go to voicemail, in seconds. Does not include IVR nor voice prompts, but includes ringing time and other duration of pre-queue events.Calculated on Flink Job = status_answered - status_startedNumber in secondsQueue
Transcription / RecordingThe link to the interaction recording or transcription.No calculationString (URL)
NotesDisposition Notes.No calculation