Agent Status

Lists the duration (including start and end time) that agents have been in each status.

All available filters in the Agents Status Report:

  • Agent
  • Agent Ring Group
  • Call Ring Group
  • Date
  • Dedicated Line
  • Timezone
  • Active Agent

Note: In the metrics related to the time spent in a status, you may notice a slight difference in the figures, between Explore and the Agents tab (plus scheduled reports). For example, in a timeframe of 24 hours, there may be a difference of a few seconds. This is due to improvements in the data granularity brought by Explore.

Metric NameDescriptionCalculationMetric TypePerspective
User Name The name of the calculationStringuser
Email The agent's calculationStringuser
Agent Active? This field gives us information about the subscription of the agent's account. If the agent has the subscription active, then the field is marked as true, if the agent has the subscription deactivated, then the field is marked as false. (This field it's not related to the agent's status).no calculationStringuser
Status The default or custom status the report line is referring calculationStringuser
Start Time Status started calculationDate timeuser
End Time Status finished calculationDate timeuser
Duration Time spent in status per agent (status_finished-status_started).no calculationTime in secondsuser
Team Team to which the agent belongs at a finished timestamp calculationStringuser