PM Analysis

This dataset is available for accounts that have Performance Management (PM) enabled.

Desired FieldDescriptionTypeFormatFilterField Type
AgentConcatenated value consisting of the “Agent Name”, “Agent Email”, and “Agent ID”.Text (string)YesDimension
Agent IDUnique Talkdesk Agent ID.NumberYesDimension
Agent EmailUnique Agent Email Address.Text (string)YesDimension
Agent NameAgent Name.Text (string)YesDimension
Measure NameMeasure (KPI) Name.Text (string)YesDimension
Team IDUnique Team ID.NumberYesDimension
Team NameUnique Team Name.Text (string)YesDimension
Queue TypeThe hierarchical nature of the Ring Group: “Single” or “Aggregate”.Text (string)YesDimension
Queue NameUnique Ring Group Name.Text (string)YesDimension
VolumeA whole number count of the unique data points considered for the Result Value.Number0YesDimension
Result ValueThe Result Value for the Measure.Number0.00YesDimension
Goal ValueThe goal in place during the reporting period.Number0.00YesDimension
Mean ValueThe simple arithmetic mean of the result values for the selection.Number0.00YesDimension
Interval TypeThe level at which results are aggregated: Daily, Weekly, among others.Text (string)YesDimension
Leaderboard DateThe date of the leaderboard results. Weekly and Monthly are aligned to the start day of the week /month.DateYYYY-MM-DDYesDimension