AI Conversation Markers

The “AI Conversation Markers” report provides a detailed view of Conversation Markers' hits, allowing tracking of how many times the conversation marker was hit, by whom, when, and in which channel.

These are the available filters:

  • AI Conversation Markers Date Filter
  • AI Conversation Markers Conversation Marker Hit ID
  • Channel Name Channel Type
  • Conversation Interaction ID
  • Conversation Marker Name
Metric nameDescriptionCalculationMetric Type
TimestampWhen the marker was triggeredNo calculationDate/Time
VA NameVirtual Agent nameNo calculationString
VA IDVirtual Agent identifierNo calculationString
Interaction IDUnique interaction identifierNo calculationString
Session IDSession identifierNo calculationString
Marker NameName of the specific markerNo calculationString
Channel TypeThe communication channel (e.g., voice, web chat).No calculationString
Marker Hit IDUnique identifier for the marker hitNo calculationString