Digital Engagement: Default Dashboard

Interaction: The highest level component that comprises the full activity of a communication with a contact. It can include multiple contacts and each contact includes several, more granular, elements that are called segments.

Contact: A conversation can have multiple contacts depending on the outcome of the initial contact. Examples of situations that will trigger a new contact include: Agent manually sends a conversation back to the general queue; timeout of a conversation assigned to an Agent, transfer of a conversation to another Agent. Contacts are the main reporting element for Supervisors and the one that will be used for staffing purposes (by monitoring queue SLA and queue AHT).

Total InteractionsTotal number of Interactions regardless of their statusnumber00“Interactions & Messages Overview”Yesmeasure
Total MessagesTotal number of Messages sent and receivednumber00“Interactions & Messages Overview”Yesmeasure
Channel TypeChannel for this contact *string“Interactions & Messages Overview”-dimension
Total Interactions OpenNumber of Interactions opennumber00“Interactions by Status”Yesmeasure
Total Interactions ClosedNumber of Interactions closednumber00“Interactions by Status”Yesmeasure
StatusStatus of the Interaction (Open, Closed)string“Interactions by Status”-dimension
Total Inbound InteractionsNumber of Inbound Interactionsnumber00“Interactions by Direction”Yesmeasure
Total Outbound InteractionsNumber of Outbound Interactionsnumber00“Interactions by Direction”Yesmeasure
DirectionIf the interaction is inbound or outboundstring“Interactions by Direction”-dimension
Interaction Start AtTimestamp of the beginning of the interactiondate timeyyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss“Interactions & Messages Overview” and “Interactions by Status”-dimension

*Note: If you are using Talkdesk Chat and/or Talkdesk SMS product, the "Channel Type" can also be SMS or CHAT. When doing specific visualizations for Email, always filter the "Channel Type" to be equal to EMAIL. For Social Messaging channels, consider “WHATSAPP“ and “FACEBOOK_MESSENGER“ as possible filters.