Performance Management Results Trend Report

The Performance Management Results Trend Report helps understand employee performance over time. It offers data such as individual agent improvement month over month, goals, goal achievement, and volume comparisons month over month.
These detailed data allow the user to create the reports needed by extracting the data using the API, even without access to the “Create” report feature.

These are the available filters in the PM Results Trend default report:

  • Date
  • Interval Type
  • Measure Name
  • Queue Type
  • Month Comparison
  • Agent Name

The following fields are available in this report and for extraction:

Field NameExample/formatCalculationNotes
AgentTom Agent ([email protected]) [349485789f228e60070f9d28]Concatenated value consisting of the Agent “Name”, “Agent Email” and “Agent ID”.
Agent NameTom AgentAgent Name.
Measure NameQM SCOREThe name of the Measure for which the data has been collected (QM SCORE, etc.)
Month Comparison - Current vs Previous MonthMay-2022 - June-2022A comparison of performance results (Current vs Previous Month).
Interval TypeMonthlyThe time interval for extracting values from Measures For this report, the extraction interval is always Monthly.
Queue TypeAllThe type of the queue when collected (“Single” or “All”).
Note: Using both will create duplicate results.
Flag Positive Result - Current vs Previous Month (Yes / No)Yescompare_result_months >0Boolean flag to indicate improvement in Result compared to the previous month.
The flag is “yes” if the individual performer’s result improved.
Result Value100Measure values according to “Interval Type” and “Measure Type” (the individual performer’s result for the current month).
Result Value Previous Month80.64516129Result from (leaderboard_day - interval '1' month)“Measure Result” of the month prior to the current month/Month-1
(the individual performer’s result for the prior month).
Compare Performance Results - Current vs Previous Month24%((measure / measure_previous_month) - 1)The percentage change in the individual performer’s result, month over month.
Goal Value40The average value of the goal over the time frame.
Status Goal TargetOn Goalmeasure >= goal ; measure < goal“On Goal” means the individual performer achieved or met the goal; “Out of Goal” means the individual performer failed to achieve or meet the goal.
Volume2A quantity count of the unique source events that roll into the current month’s result.
Volume Previous Month5Volume from (leaderboard_day - interval '1' month)A quantity count of the unique source events that rolled into the prior month’s result.
Compare Performance Volume - Current vs Previous Month40%((volume / volume_previous_month) -1)The percentage change in the volume count, month over month.