Studio Flow Execution Report

This report details how many times a flow was triggered, with information regarding each step that was executed.

Report Fields




Internal carrier assigned identifier used for troubleshooting purposes.

Interaction ID

The call's unique identification number.

Destination Number

Number called by the caller.

Origin Number

Caller's number.

Flow Definition Name

Name of the executed flow.

Flow Definition ID

The flow's unique identification number.

Component Title

Studio component's name.

Executed Step Name

Step's name configured in the flow.

Exit Name

Component's exit name.

Time In Step Execution

Step's execution duration.

Step Execution Started Time

Time when the step's execution started.

Flow Execution Finished Time

Time when the step's execution finished.

Step Execution Order

Sequence number of the step in the call execution.

Hidden Exits

Apart from the predefined, user-facing list of exits of each step, there are some hidden exits that may also show up on this report.



The following table documents the behavior of the latest versions of the Studio components hidden exits. For information on the visible exits, please check our Studio advanced documentation.

Exit name

Components using it

What does it mean?


Forward to External

End flow

The step is executed as expected, resulting in the flow termination.

In the case of "Forward to External", it means that the call to the configured number was finished.


Assignment and Dial


In "Assignment and Dial", it means that the agent hangs up the call during a blind transfer (when using Callbar and the voicemail setting is "Always active").

In Callback, it occurs when the agent answers the call and hangs up while the contact person (the caller) is being dialed, or during a blind transfer from Agent A to Agent B, in which Agent B rejects the call (with voicemail setting enabled).



The agent rejects the call.



The contact person rejects or does not answer the call.


Assignment and Dial

Play Audio

Standard IVR

Input IVR

Forward to External

The contact person hangs up the call.


Inbound Voice

When the caller ID is part of the blocked phone numbers in Admin/Preferences.



Voicemail has been recorded successfully.



Contact person did not leave a voicemail.


Assignment and Dial


The operational queue size limit on Studio is reached and new requests for matching are blocked. The call is hung up.



Unexpected component failures follow an “error“ exit, which is now visible and able to be configured by Flow Administrators. For more detailed information on the new Studio components' “Error Handling” section, please refer to Talkdesk Studio Advanced Documentation.