Agent Sentiment

Metric NameDescriptionCalculationMetric Type
CSAT Average Average of the CSAT scores received - average of CSAT score for the calls where a valid CSAT score was received.AVG of CSAT scores receivedNumber
CSAT Response Rate Number of CSAT scores received versus the number of surveys sent.COUNT CSAT scores received / COUNT CSAT surveys sentPercentage
CSAT Surveys Sent Total number of CSAT surveys sent.COUNT CSAT surveys sentCount
CSAT Responses Received Total number of CSAT scores received.COUNT CSAT scores receivedCount
Mood Average Average of the Mood scores logged by agent - average mood for the calls where a mood (happy = 5, neutral = 3 or unhappy = 1) was collected.AVG of mood scores logged (score = 5 OR 3 OR 1)Number
Mood Completion Number of Mood submissions received versus the number of post-call prompts presented - number of calls where mood was collected / number of calls where the after call work window was prompted.COUNT of mood scores / COUNT ACW window promptsPercentage