Feedback Flow Report

Includes all the survey data that has been collected during a period of time. It has detailed information about the interaction and survey, such as the survey and interaction channels, question components, answers, and associated interaction metadata, among others.

Each entry contains the response from an individual question or survey invitation, including error codes and opt-outs. Individual question-level responses can be grouped together by interaction ID, to assess the answers from a single survey response.

Go here to learn more about executing this report with the Explore API.

These are the available filters in the Feedback Flow Report:

  • Date
  • Timezone
  • Interaction ID
  • Feedback Flow Name
  • Component ID
  • Component Name
  • Component Type
  • Component Text
  • Response
  • Pertains to Agent
  • Agent Name
  • Respondent Phone Number
  • Talkdesk Phone Number
  • Call Ring Group
  • Team Name
  • Interaction Direction
  • Survey Channel
  • SMS Error/Suppression Code
  • TouchPoint Id
  • TouchPoint Name
  • TouchPoint Value
Field NameDescriptionMetric
Date & TimeThe Date and time record of when the survey question was sent or the survey question was responded to by the contact.String
Interaction IDThe interaction’s unique identification number that triggered a survey.String
Flow NameThe title given to the survey flow that was triggered after the interaction.String
Component IDThe unique identification number given to each question, or component, in the Flow Builder.String
Component NameThe name added to the description of the question, or component, in the Flow Builder.String
Component TypeThe type of component that was added to the flow. For example: Ask CSAT, Conditional logic, End flow, etc.String
Component TextThe question text added to the component, which will appear to the respondent when answering the surveyString
ResponseRespondent’s answer when submitting the questionString
Is KPIContains “yes” or “no” value, depending on what is designated in the Flow Builder component.Bool
Pertains to AgentContains “yes” or “no” value, depending on what is designated in the Flow Builder component.Bool
Recording URLPath to listen to the call recordingString
Agent NameAgent name associated with the interaction that triggered the survey. If transfers occurred, the name of the last agent associated with the interaction is displayed.String
Respondent Phone NumberThe number of the contact person who answered the survey.String
Talkdesk Phone NumberThe phone number that was called, which triggered the post-interaction survey.String
Ring GroupThe ring group associated with the agent who was assigned to the interaction.String
Team NameThe team name associated with the agent who was assigned to the interaction.String
Interaction DirectionPopulated depending on inbound or outbound interactions.String
Survey ChannelThe type of channel the survey was sent from. Can be different from the interaction channel. E.g., SMS surveys are contained with the SMS channel, but triggered after a call (voice channel).String
SMS Error or Suppression CodeSystem or consumer responses to SMS Surveys under a certain set of conditions, such as:
- OPT_OUT: Respondent opting out of future SMS.
- capping_period: Blocked by frequency cap (Account or number defined frequency cap reached).
- sms_send_suppressed: Customer phone number not mobile (number used is a landline or country not supported).
- num_retries_exceeded: Response limit to invalid score exceeded (number of retries exceeded).
- csat_phone_unavailable: Message suppressed due to unavailable number pools for this contact.
TouchPointIdThe touchpoint unique identification number.String
TouchPointNameTouchpoint friendly name. The friendly name that is recorded in Channels App - available for all channels.String
TouchPointValueThe value of Touchpoint. E.g. The value of voice touchpoint is the service number that will trigger the post-call survey.String
Response StateContact's answer is invalid or valid, such as:
- CSAT response 1 to 5 is valid, 6 is invalid.
- NPS response 1 to 10 is valid, 11 is invalid.
If the voice cannot be recognized, the Response is set Null, and the Response State is set as invalid.