Metric NameDescriptionCalculationMetric Type
Call Type If the outcome of the call was inbound (answered), missed, short-abandoned, abandoned, voicemail, outbound or outbound not calculationString
Call Id Call unique calculationString
Ring Group Shows the ring groups dialed during the call. If the call was received on an agent’s dedicated phone number or was directly routed to an agent after being dropped using intelligent reconnect, it will display the agent’s calculationString
Dedicated Line If the call was made to a dedicated phone calculationString
Start Time The time that the system logged the calculationDate time
End Time The time the calls is calculationDate time
Talkdesk Phone The outbound ID number that Talkdesk used to make/receive the calculationString
Customer Phone The phone number of the calculationString
Agent Name The agent that received or made the calculationString
Talk time Talk time calculationTime in seconds
Disposition The summary of the calculationString
Rating The classification, from 1 to calculationNumber
Record When recording is enabled, the link to hear the recording of the call will be displayed calculationURL