Feedback Report

Includes all the survey data that has been collected during a period of time with the detailed information about the interaction and survey such as the Channel, CSAT Question, CSAT, CSAT Score, Open Text Question, Open Text Response, the respondent Phone Number, the Interaction ID and Agent Name associated with the interaction that triggered a post-call survey, among other data.

These are the available filters in the Feedback Report:

  • Agent Ring Group
  • Call Ring Group
  • Date
  • Timezone
  • Agent Name
  • Channel
  • CSAT Question
  • CSAT Score
  • Interaction ID
  • Open Text Response
  • Respondent Phone Number
  • Talkdesk Phone Number
Metric NameDescriptionCalculationMetric Type
DateThe Date and time record of when the survey question was sent or the survey question was responded by the calculationDate Time
CSAT QuestionThe CSAT Question that was sent to a calculationString
CSAT ScoreThe CSAT Score response by a calculationNumber
Open Text QuestionThe Open Text Question that was sent to a calculationString
Open Text ResponseThe Open Text Response by a contact that was collected after the Open Text calculationString
Respondent Phone NumberThis is the number the caller called from an agent and responded to a calculationNumber
Interaction IDThe interaction’s unique identification number that triggered a post-call calculationNumber
Agent NameThe name of the agent who is associated with the call that triggered the survey. The name of the last agent who answered the call is calculationString
Talkdesk Phone NumberThe Phone Number to which the inbound call was initiated that triggered a post-interaction calculationNumber
ChannelThe Channel from where the feedback was calculationString